ZERO_ Emmision Neighbourhood

1//Feb. 2018 | Architecture

Trepca_ Culture Complex

The old ‘Trepca’ complex is an industrial zone that has always been a problem for the city of Mitrovica. Even though it is abandoned, it still has the capacity to pollute the city.

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

Social_ Housing

Whilst looking into the incomes and outputs of an average Balkan family, this project tries to provide high quality and spacious dwellings into a pay range what might be considered affordable to this type of family.

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

Container_ Home

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

HUB_ 038

Innovation Center Kosovo's co-working space, Hub 038

18//Jul. 2017 | Interior Design

Planetarium_ Hotel Revitalization

Hotel ‘Jadran’ in Mitrovica, is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The idea of the restoration is for the building to be self-sustainable in the future and not a burden on the city.

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture