HUB_ 038

18//Jul. 2017 | Interior Design

Playground_ Primary School

It goes without saying that physical activity is essential in child growth, however children are often forced to spend whole days sitting and standing thereby harming their health and posture.

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

Container_ Home

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

Trepca_ Culture Complex

The old ‘Trepca’ complex is an industrial zone that has always been a problem for the city of Mitrovica. Even though it is abandoned, it still has the capacity to pollute the city.

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

Germia_ Sports Hall

Being active in modern day society is much more than just an activity you do purely for pleasure, it is a necessity. Living an urban life, often means that we are not as much in touch with nature as we would have liked to.

27//Oct. 2016 | Architecture

Apartment_ interior

The small apartment that we would like to showcase in this post can be characterized by tastefulness, space and functionality, despite its modest size (60 square meters).

27//Oct. 2016 | Interior Design